In 2004, I joined American University’s full-time faculty as Distinguished Film Producer in Residence at the School of Communication. There I founded, and currently direct, the Center for Environmental Filmmaking. I love to teach and obtain enormous fulfillment from teaching. I received the 2014 University Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching.

At the request of AU’s Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning, I regularly give workshops to other professors on how to teach so students are enthusiastic and engaged. And I write about teaching, tenure, and other pedagogical issues.

The main class I teach is COMM-524 Producing Environmental and Wildlife Films. I also manage and oversee Classroom in the Wild, the Environmental and Wildlife Concentration in our MFA program, and all the programs at the Center for Environmental Filmmaking. In addition, a new class I created and am now teaching is called Design Your Life for Success.


Design Your Life For Success

My newest class is called “Design Your Life For Success.” It’s a free, noncredit class at AU open to the public.