I’m a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and film festivals and offer workshops and talks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Environmental and wildlife films—what’s right and what’s wrong

  • How to film sharks and bears without getting eaten

  • How to be an effective teacher and inspire enthusiasm and motivation in the classroom

  • How to create a personal mission statement and find meaning and purpose in your life

  • How to radically improve your success, fulfillment, and productivity

  • Effective time management

  • How to be a star presenter

  • The art and power of networking

  • How to raise money and develop relationships with major donors

  • How to be a successful father

  • How to age with vitality, dignity and humor, and die with no regrets

  • The value of jokes, humor, and comedy


To learn more about me as a speaker or to book me as a presenter at your event, please drop me a line! I’d be delighted to hear from you!