All the proceeds from the book go to fund scholarships for students at American University.

"Raise Your Kids to Succeed is a grand book, not because it will turn your children into successful doctors, lawyers or businessmen, but because it will help them develop good values and a good character; help them love learning and books and teach them moderation, self-discipline and life skills too. This is the stuffing they need to have successful careers, no matter what they do."

- Marguerite Kelly, co-author of The Mother's Almanac and author of The Mother’s Almanac Goes to School, wrote the Family Almanac column in the Washington Post and other papers for 35 years


"There was a time, not long ago, when most of the suggestions made in Chris Palmer’s book Raise Your Kids to Succeed would have been simple common sense. Unfortunately, many Americans now find themselves immersed in a culture which teaches that kids’ relations with their same-age peers are more important than kids’ relations with their parents. One result is too many boys staying up past midnight playing video games, and too many girls staying up past midnight Photoshopping their selfies for Instagram. Chris Palmer's book offers a useful dose of sanity."

- Leonard Sax MD PhD, author of four books for parents including the New York Times bestseller The Collapse of Parenting


"Chris Palmer has the rare ability to give us the big picture of the challenges of raising kids today but also offers very practical and do-able solutions that will deepen your understanding and connection with your children. This book is unflinching, but kind and will very likely leave you feeling, "I can do this.""

- Kim John Payne M.ED. author of Simplicity Parenting, The Soul of Discipline, and Being At Your Best When Your Kids Are At Their Worst

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